Technology in Linköping

This week a lot companies come together here in Linköping and Östergötland for seminars, lectures and other events on the theme of innovations and starting and expanding businesses. The initiative is called “Vecka 45“. I’m attending; listening, discussing and making connections. Running a business has so many facets. There sure are many organizations that want to help in one way or another.

One thing is clear; this area is a hot-spot for technology startups. The long-time presence of big companies like aircraft manufacturer Saab and mobile networks giant Ericsson has been a big factor in this success. Other important companies at Mjärdevi Science Park are Autoliv, Intentia, IFS, defence research institute FOI, Motorola, Sectra. That’s not counting the companies involved in computer vision and digital media. There are many a dozen consultancy companies active in this area. And of course the forward-thinking Linköping University plays an important role. They were the first in Sweden to introduce dedicated computer education programs.

Certainly a good place to be when seeking opportunities in the technology business.

Developing the next Windsond

Since the last update, I’ve developed most of the next version of Windsond. It will incorporate a great number of improvements:

  • Higher altitude
  • Longer radio range
  • Many concurrent units, both receivers and weather balloons
  • Lower weight
  • Longer battery life
  • Proper encasing
  • Optionally measure air pressure and humidity
  • Better adapted to automated production
  • … and more

Pictures and test results to follow.