The first seven months

SnowfallWhen I started Kiwi Embedded, it was April and the sun started to actually make a difference after the Swedish winter season. I did enjoy the sunshine but I also had a lot of work plans so I didn’t waste too much time outside. Fast-forward to today; this morning the snow is piling up on the outside of my windows. When the sun does shine everything is white and bright, but it won’t give any warmth again during this year.

In other words, Kiwi Embedded has been running for over half a year. What’s happened during this time?

The original plan was rather hazy. Spend a few months to finish my ongoing projects and think about my next step.
As so very often in this industry, the projects took more time than planned. To be fair, I’ve also expanded the ambitions quite a bit. I’m now pursuing business ideas and offering consultant services in embedded systems on a more long-term scale.

During the start of the summer I finally took Channel Wizard to production. But the vast majority of the time has gone into developing the weather balloon system Windsond. The original project to provide a basic system for Swedish Airsport was concluded during the summer and I helped to successfully demonstrate it on site during the ballooning world championships in USA. The scope has expanded a lot since then and I look forward to launching a great product.

With the exception of a few weeks of holiday and the following flu, I’ve worked hard and efficiently. The log file of what I’ve been doing each day measures 220 KB in text mass. Efficient work doesn’t necessarily mean it’s effective towards the end goal. (Incidently, the Swedish language would have you believe so, as it doesn’t really make a distinction between the words ‘effective’ and ‘efficient’). I hope my work will turn out to be effective and useful.

Apart from concrete systems development, I’m now better oriented in the industry and in business management. I’ve made quite a few contacts in software and hardware development, manufacturing, business people and entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial aspect is tantalizing and something I’m looking more into. I’ve met startups that succeeded, startups on their way to success and startups that didn’t succeed. You can’t know the outcome in advance but have to try to even get the chance.

Meeting with entrepreneurs

I’ve also met many people with a desire to realize their own idea or just a vague desire to realize something in general. Once you start looking, the world is teeming with great competence waiting to be put to better use. All that’s needed is a solid idea, financing and a knack for organization…

In conclusion, it’s been a lot of work but also a lot of fun and valuable personal development. Back in those spring days, the future was unclear. I’ve learned much since then but the future is still unclear, albeit in slightly different ways. Nevertheless, my present is meaningful and I still have good hopes for the future.

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