Summer time

During the last year, I have spent most of my time doing consulting work at Zenterio. As previously mentioned, Zenterio creates software for set-top boxes, offering a full independent OS for digital TV operators. It’s a vibrant environment with over 100 employees from over 20 countries. I have been the technical lead for two components and I’m happy to say my work has met with high appraisal. My first priority is to meet the customers’ time frame. Second priority is delivering extensible technical solutions. I also take active part in planning and coordinating the development efforts. The team has been able to deliver in time in spite of some tough technical obstacles. I’ll continue to help them out after the summer.

During the summer, I will again focus fully on Windsond and an as of yet undisclosed project. There’s a clear potential for weather soundings within the lower part of the atmosphere and a lot of activities are going on in Kiwi Embedded in areas of market, hardware, firmware, software, measuring techniques and manufacturing. I’m also learning more about meteorology — a fascinating science. There’s certainly plenty to do!

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