Kiwi Embedded is situated in Linköping, Sweden. It’s run by me, Anders Petersson, full-time since the spring of 2012. I develop technical solutions by means of electronics, microcontrollers and computer software. My areas of expertise involve systems design, sensors, long-range telemetry radio links, GPS, embedded systems, control of radio-controlled aircrafts and desktop and mobile software development.

The flagship product of Kiwi Embedded is the weather sounding system Windsond, a uniquely small and economical solution for weather readings at different altitudes.

Previously I have worked at Motorola Mobility (now Arris), Attentec and Configura. I have a MSc degree in Computer Science from Linköping University in 2003.

Reach me at anders@kiwiembedded.com, Skype andpet11 or telephone +46 707 312608.