Channel Wizard

Channel Wizard increases the number of available channels in a radio-control system. This is done by modifying the PPM stream before the radio module sends it over the air. The device isn’t limited to a particular radio brand.

Channel Wizard can also solve a number of tasks in the aircraft or be a part of a DIY Tx project. The circuit is very configurable with the help of a computer and serial cable.

For more information, see the manual or the thread on RCGroups.

Channel Wizard evolved during a year and a half and is now a mature product. It can be ordered directly from me. The price is (USD) $50 per device outside EU. Inside EU, V.A.T. makes the price $62. World-wide non-registered shipping is $8. Registered shipping is $18.

I also sell basic UART to USB converters for advanced configuration for $6. A FTDI cable does the same thing but also allows firmware upgrading. The price is $20.